How to Health Inner Circle

When you are desparate to feel better, lose weight, improve your mood, reverse chronic disease like type 2 diabetes, and just regain control of your life...where do you turn?

The internet is full of confusing and contradicting information. You can spend hours weeding through it all and leave more confused than when you started. 

That is where the Doc and Chef Inner Circle enters. It is a safe place of learning how to finally find your true health. I have helped thousands of patients, friends, family and complete strangers get back on the right track. It starts with a little step and before you know it you have big gains!

So let me help you finally get on the right track to optimal health. From eating right to exercise, creating new healthy habits, and from getting a good night's sleep to reducing stress you will find answers here.

Watch the video for more information or if you are ready click the purchase button to the right to register! When you register I will add you to our secret Facebook group where all the magic happens. See you there!

How to Health Inner Circle

It is time to change your life forever. Today you will start on a path of optimal health! I will be there to help you in the How to Health Inner Circle, but what is even more incredible is the support you will recieve from other members. People just like you who have a desire for a better, healthier, more vibrant life.

Our goal is to bring you want you need to succeed such as experts in the areas you are struggling with, information that we make sure is the most up to date and accurate so you do not have to worry about it, and finally you will be in a safe place to share your goals and struggles. The amazing thing is how a group can be the accountability you need to succeed.

This program will cover nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and anything else that we see is a common problem in the group. If we don't have the answer we can find it or likely know someone who does. We will have live weekly Q&A, weekly homework (just a little bit), handouts, videos, etc.

Please remember Dr. Marbas and Katie are not your doctor or healthcare provider and will not be providing specific medical advice. This program will not create a doctor patient relationship but one of a coach and client. We will tell you about medical conditions but not specifics to your medications etc. That is for you and your doctor to discuss and manage.

With that all said let's get started! Please click the purchase now button and once you are registered I will be notified and place you in the secret Facebook group where all the magic will happen.

Plus, you get free access to my course "How to Get Started on a Plant Based Diet"! That is a $97 value given to you to say thank you for allowing us to be part of your health journey.

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