Getting Started on the Whole Foods Plant Based Diet

If you have chronic disease like type 2 diabetes, take prescription medications, and are overweight and you have said to yourself, “if I could just lose this weight, stop these medications and fell well again” then this might be the most important report you read all year. Here’s why…

Have You ever said any of these things?
· I don't have time or money to cook healthy foods.

· I don't like to eat healthy foods.

· I don't know how to cook healthy meals my family will eat.

Imagine you could wave a Magic Wand…
Imagine you could wave a magic wand and you could not only want to eat healthy foods like vegetables but walk away from junk food. You will never have to feel guilty again because you will know the keys to transforming yourself into to a healthy eater that uses food as medicine in my new course, Getting Started on a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet.

Why Should You Listen To Me?
Family medicine is challenging in many aspects. We are the workhorses of primary care with patients ranging from newborns to the elderly confined to nursing homes. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to care for multiple generations in the same family. However, we are faced with challenges including an increased workload due more patients and a shortage of primary care doctors, increasing time constraints due to inefficient electronic medical records, rising complexity of medicine in general, a population of patients that have ready access to the internet that is full misinformation, and patients who have come to believe that it is normal to take prescription medications for inevitable chronic diseases. It is no surprise that physicians are facing burn out and becoming disillusioned with medicine. I was heading down the same path until 2012 when my life and career would change forever.

In May of 2012 I happened to recommend to a patient to stop eating meat and dairy when she told me that these two food groups upset her stomach. I had never recommended that combination before, and it did not dawn on me that she was basically eating a plant-based diet until she returned one month later. My patient's daughter, who was 16 at the time, had joined her mother and did not eat meat or dairy products for one month. During those 30 days the teenager stopped two ADHD medications on her own accord. (She went on to graduate high school two years later, drug free.) Now, that got my attention and when I began to research the plant-based diet I was astounded at the science and the number years this information had been available to me and every other American physician. I was first elated at the power of a whole foods plant based diet but then dismayed when I realized just how ill equipped I was at discussing basic nutrition with my patients. How could I have graduated medical school without being exposed to even an ounce of the science I was now compelled to read at every opportunity? Unfortunately, this is the case for the vast majority of physicians trained in the United States.

During the first month of my "discovery" another patient with SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus) kindly volunteered to eat a whole foods plant based diet after discussing the science I had recently uncovered. When she had a significant improvement in symptoms in 14 days including a decrease in c-reactive protein from three times the high normal to near normal, an eight pound weight loss and improvement in migraines I was hooked. I went home that day, cleaned out the refrigerator and my family, including my husband and three teenagers, went on the whole foods plant based diet and haven't looked back. My husband went on to lose over 50 pounds and all my chronic allergies, which I had suffered for over 30 years magically cleared within months.

Thus, I began to enthusiastically discuss nutrition with every patient, friend, co-worker, family member, Facebook acquaintance, and person who would listen. I am determined to help families eat better and keep their kids from the chronic diseases that we see plaguing our society now. As a mom and a doctor I am 100% confident changing what our children are eating is the key to lifelong health. You may not want to switch to a strictly plant-based diet but you can glean what I have learned to help your family become healthier by adding in more of the plants!

"I hesitantly began a plant-based diet with Dr. Marbas. I really thought I couldn’t give up meat…or especially cheese! I had heard of this concept but I hadn’t made the commitment as it sounded too overwhelming. Wow, was I wrong! It truly is as simple or as difficult as you want to make it but the most important thing, is taking that leap of faith and just doing it.... I have FELT a tremendous change! I honestly didn’t realize the physical change as much until I saw my before and after pics. As soon as I started the plant based diet, I had no need for strong pain meds. The inflammation and pain in my back literally vanished.... And let me tell you, going shopping for a new outfit and walking out with three because they look great (with no crying in the fitting room), is such a victorious feeling! Thank you Dr. Marbas for your direction and unwavering support, it has honestly been life changing!!" -Yadira Manila

By the way Yadira has gone on to lose 40 pounds and transformed her life by teaching others about eating a nutrient dense diet!

What you’re going to discover…
In this course you are going to discover:

1. How to begin your plant based journey with tips learned from thousands of Dr. Marbas's patients over the last 5 years.

2. Seven days worth of delicious recipes to get you started.

3. What to shop for, what to keep in your pantry, how to read nutrition labels and much more.

Each of these are equally important if you want to eat healthy foods like vegetables but walk away from junk food. You will never have to feel guilty again because you will know the keys to transforming yourself into to a healthy eater that uses food as medicine. Food that heals the body rather than making it sick.

In my course you will also get two free guides: the Restaurant Survival Guide and How to Stop your Food Cravings Now.

You may ask why I created this course. Because I have many people reaching out to me for help on a daily basis and I unfortunately do not have the time to give each of them the individual attention they deserve, I created this course to help with the education and implementation of a whole foods plant based diet.

I am always available via email for any questions or comments about the course!

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Getting Started on a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet

Today will be the first day on your journey to optimal health! This course is made simple and concise and will go through absolutely everything you need to now to eat the most nutrient dense foods in the world. 

Dr. Laurie Marbas has spent years and countless hours with patients discussing the obstacles and solutions to changing the foods they eat. She has created this course and giving you ALL the knowledge in an easy way to digest (pun intended). 

There are 8 modules with a brief video, a written explanation which you can also download in PDF form including 7 days of tried and true recipes and an extensive shopping lists. 

She has answers for all the questions you may have and even ones you haven't even thought of yet. Plus, for starting right now you will get the ultimate restaurant survival guide and how to stop your food cravings right now for FREE! 

You will find your optimal health if you eat a whole foods plant based diet. This of course if by no means a replacement for your medical doctor and Dr. Marbas is only here to guide you with the expertise that she has developed over many years with her own patients, friends and her family. Her husband lost 65 pounds and she herself was rid of decades of allergies within months. 

Are ready to leave behind the fatigue and possibly even stop medications? Are you ready for more energy, better sleep and improved mood? Then it is time to buy this course now and let's get started!

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