How to Raise Healthy Kids who Love Vegetables

Almost every parent struggles to get their kids to eat vegetables and healthy foods. It is nearly impossible for vegetables and fruits to compete with sugary snacks and junk foods. We have created junk food junkies out of our kids by giving the whatever they would eat which often is fries, mac and cheese, and sodas. Parents it is time that we understand that we are putting our kids' future health at risk by not teaching the value of nutrition. We are what we eat! Put junk in you will get junk out in the form of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancers, obesity, high blood pressure, depression, ADHD and much more. 

This course will answer all your questions, obliterate any conceived obstacles and all the while your kid will be learning the value of eating a healthy nutrient dense diet. So let's get your kid eating more vegetables right now!

How to Raise Healthy Kids Who Love Vegetables

As a doctor and a mom of three grown children I understand how difficult it is to feed your kids healthy meals in today's chaotic world. Between work, school schedules and other activities most families are happy to sit down to eat a quick meal together much less worrying about the nutrient quality of the food.

However, nutrition is literally the foundation of your child's health! What we feed them today is either going to promote a healthy life or a life full of chronic disease and a shortened life span. I have seen type 2 diabetes in an 8 year-old and kids as young as 7 with total cholesterols over 200. That alone should make us question what we are doing to our children by feeding them processed junk and a high fat and cholesterol laden diet. Terrorists could not do a better job of destroying our country than what we are doing to ourselves by robbing our children of their future by giving them a disease promoting diet.

This is why I created this course that includes 57 tips to get your kids to eat vegetables, what to feed children at every age, do they need vitamins, how to shop on a budget, what to put in your pantry, what to do when traveling or in a restaurant,  a Plantastic Superhero Cook Book, 30 days of smoothies, a list of additional resources, and how to decipher nutrition labels. 

I searched out every obstacle possible that would keep a caring and loving parent from feeding their children nutritious and delicious foods, then found the answers and put them in one convenient place for you to learn and use at your leisure. Plus, you will get my free report, The Ultimate Guide of Transforming your Picky Eater to a Vegetable Lover.

There is not a more comprehensive and simple to use guide than what you are looking at right now. So, let's get started on creating healthy kids by feeding them nutritous foods. 


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